The ETOH-Free Chronicles #3: Pre-Sobriety — The Invisible Pull of 'The "Gently, Bentley!" Way'

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The ETOH-Free Chronicles #3: Pre-Sobriety — The Invisible Pull of 'The "Gently, Bentley!" Way'

Discover how Scott, our ever-so-curious protagonist, navigates life as a croupier and valet, unknowingly under the guiding light of 'The "Gently, Bentley!" Way'.

In this enchanting episode, we dive back in time to explore Scott's earlier years. While skillfully managing roulette tables and serving guests as a valet, little did he know, 'The "Gently, Bentley!" Way' was already quietly influencing his life choices. It was like a backstage crew, setting the stage for the grand performance of sobriety that was yet to come. Join us as we unravel the threads of fate, one spin of the roulette wheel at a time.

Scott's nimble fingers skillfully placed the roulette ball into the spinning wheel. The casino was buzzing; players cheered, cocktail glasses clinked, and chips were tossed into the pot with hopeful anticipation. Yet, in the midst of it all, Scott felt an unexplained weight pulling at him.

Unknown to him, 'The "Gently, Bentley!" Way' was already at work, subtly guiding his choices, his interactions, and even his mishaps. As a croupier, his proficiency was undeniable, but memory lapses led to the occasional fumbled bet or misjudged payout. Little did he know, these so-called "flaws" were in fact course corrections, gently steering him away from a path of potential excess and self-destruction.

Once demoted to a valet, Scott felt surprisingly relieved. Was it a step down? Technically, yes. But as he served tea and coffee to guests, garnering generous tips, he experienced a newfound freedom. Oddly, even though he was always surrounded by temptation, he felt an invisible shield around him.

The realization of this "shield" would come years later when Scott would be able to put a name to it—'The "Gently, Bentley!" Way.' 

In the glitz and chaos of casino life, this invisible guide was his true North Star, nudging him, albeit unknowingly, toward a life of awareness and eventual sobriety.

In hindsight, Scott would chuckle. His career in the casino had always felt like a game of roulette, a spin of unpredictability. Yet, it wasn't luck that saw him through; it was 'The "Gently, Bentley!" Way,' which had always been there, like an uncredited co-pilot, subtly navigating his life's journey.

As Scott looked back on those pre-sobriety days, he felt grateful. Every chip placed, every coffee served, and every tip received was a step closer to embracing 'The "Gently, Bentley!" Way' fully. And so, the path was set, leading him toward a life that would be both meaningful and, in its own quirky way, sobering.

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