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Are you ready to immerse yourself in a neon-drenched cyberpunk world where secrets lurk in every shadow, and your decisions shape the fate of the city? If so, then "Cloudpunk" is the game for you. 

Developed by Ion Lands and published by Merge Games, this title takes players on a thrilling adventure through the sprawling, vertical city of Nivalis.

Couldpunk, Nintendo Switch, in October 2020

A Glimpse into the Future

"Cloudpunk" offers players a visually stunning and immersive experience set in a dystopian future. The city of Nivalis is a towering metropolis with skyscrapers that pierce the clouds, creating a breathtakingly beautiful and claustrophobic backdrop for your adventures. From the moment you take control of Rania, the game's protagonist and a newly hired delivery driver for Cloudpunk, you'll be drawn into a world that's as visually captivating as it is mysterious.

The Life of a Delivery Driver

As Rania, you'll navigate the bustling streets and soaring skyscrapers of Nivalis in your trusty flying car. Your job is to make deliveries for the shady delivery company known as Cloudpunk. But don't be fooled by the seemingly mundane task of courier work; this is where the heart of the game's intrigue lies.

The city of Nivalis is a character in itself, with every corner hiding secrets, stories, and fascinating characters. As you explore, you'll encounter a diverse cast of individuals, each with their own struggles and tales to tell. Your choices in dialogues and interactions can have far-reaching consequences, affecting both the characters you meet and the city's overall narrative.

Choices that Matter

One of the standout features of "Cloudpunk" is its branching narrative and morally ambiguous decisions. 

You'll often find yourself faced with choices that challenge your sense of right and wrong. Should you help a character in need, even if it goes against your employer's rules? The decisions you make will shape the outcome of the story, making each playthrough a unique experience.

Visuals and Soundtrack

The game's visuals are a feast for the eyes, with a cyberpunk aesthetic that pays homage to the genre's classics while adding its own modern twist. The neon-soaked streets, holographic billboards, and densely packed crowds create an atmosphere that's both familiar and refreshingly original.

Complementing the visuals is a mesmerizing soundtrack that sets the tone for your journey. The music captures the essence of cyberpunk, with a blend of electronic beats and ambient tunes that enhance the game's immersive quality.

Production Facts:

  1. Developer: "Cloudpunk" was developed by Ion Lands, an independent game development studio known for its focus on narrative-driven games with unique art styles.
  2. Publisher: The game was published by Merge Games, a UK-based video game publisher specializing in indie games.
  3. Development Period: "Cloudpunk" had a development period spanning several years before its release in October 2020.
  4. Art Style: The game is celebrated for its visually striking cyberpunk art style, blending retro-futuristic aesthetics with modern design elements.
  5. Storytelling: The game's narrative was carefully crafted to immerse players in a dystopian world, featuring a branching storyline with morally ambiguous choices.

Sale and Reception Facts:

  1. Release Platforms: "Cloudpunk" was initially released on various gaming platforms, including Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
  2. Positive Reviews: The game received positive reviews from both players and critics for its unique setting, engaging storytelling, and atmospheric visuals.
  3. Expansions: After its initial release, "Cloudpunk" received additional content and expansions, further enriching the player experience.
  4. Sales Success: The game's compelling narrative and cyberpunk aesthetics contributed to its commercial success, with a growing player base and sales across multiple platforms.
  5. Community Engagement: The "Cloudpunk" community has actively engaged with the game, sharing fan art, discussions, and gameplay experiences online.
  6. Awards: The game garnered attention and accolades within the indie gaming community and received nominations for various awards.

These facts provide insights into the development, release, and reception of "Cloudpunk," showcasing its impact on the gaming industry and its popularity among players who appreciate cyberpunk-themed adventures.


"Cloudpunk" is more than just a game; it's an experience that transports you to a vividly realized cyberpunk world. Whether you're soaring through the city's canyons in your flying car, making tough moral choices, or uncovering the mysteries hidden in the neon shadows, there's something undeniably captivating about this adventure.

So, if you're ready to dive headfirst into a cyberpunk future filled with intrigue and breathtaking visuals, give "Cloudpunk" a try. It's a journey you won't soon forget, and it might just leave you yearning for more of Nivalis's secrets.

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