'The "Stardate to OurDate" Conversion Tool': A Galactic Revolution in Telling Time

When Earth calendars just aren't sci-fi enough, give this tool a spin!

Have you ever found Earth's dating system dreadfully dull? Are you tired of flipping physical or virtual calendar pages? Look no further! We introduce the ultimate solution for Trekkies, space enthusiasts, and even time-travelers: 'The "StarDate to OurDate" Conversion Tool'. Here's why this tool deserves a standing ovation in the Milky Way (and beyond!).

The "StarDate to OurDate" Conversion Tool


Greetings, Earthlings, Vulcans, and Klingons! If you're like most carbon-based life forms, you probably use the Gregorian calendar. But let's face it: that's so last millennium. 'The "Stardate to OurDate" Conversion Tool' is here to elevate your temporal needs into the stratosphere—or should I say, the final frontier?

A Quantum Leap in Timekeeping

Unlike your primitive Earth calendars, our Stardate system is based on a quantum theory that even Spock would raise an eyebrow at. Forget months, days, and hours; we've crammed it all into a digital numerical system that'll make you throw your wall calendars into a black hole.

Boldly Go Where No Date Has Gone Before

Have you ever wanted to schedule a space rendezvous? Or perhaps throw a Martian masquerade ball? With 'The "Stardate to OurDate" Conversion Tool', you can do just that. Plus, if you're stranded on a remote planet with just your spaceship's computer for company, you can still make it to your grandma's 250th birthday party—on time!

A Tool For All Galaxies

Our StarDate system isn't limited to Milky Way residents. Oh no! Whether you're from Andromeda, Messier 87, or even from a galaxy far, far away (we're looking at you, Jedi), you can jump onboard this time-keeping revolution.

100% Q-Proof

We've put our StarDate tool to the ultimate test: surviving the mischievous antics of Q. Even this omnipotent being couldn't find a flaw! That's right; this tool is as reliable as a Starfleet engineer fixing a warp core breach with a paperclip and gum.


To sum it up, 'The "StarDate to OurDate" Conversion Tool' is not just another way to mark time; it's a universal phenomenon worthy of interstellar recognition. If time is a river, then we're giving you a Starfleet cruiser to navigate it.

So, are you ready to leave the outdated Gregorian calendar in your space dust and adopt a "StarDate"? Remember, in space, no one can hear you ask, "What's the "StarDate" again?"

'The "StarDate to OurDate" Conversion Tool'

Calculate & Convert Your Own "StarDate" by Following the Next FIVE STEPS:

Below We Will Convert 9am the 14th February, 1981 into a "StarDate"


In this step we join the numbers & characters from our conversions above together using a decimal point, like this:

9am of the 14th February 1981 would convert to StarDate, 1981045.p00

And you'd say - StarDate, one, nine, eight, one, zero, four, five point P, zero, zero.

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