/Time: About time too!

Find the precise time by dialling 123 to hear the BT speaking clock (Timeline). The time is announced every ten seconds. It costs 50p a minute from BT landlines any time of day or night. (April '23)

Alternatively, or perhaps at the same time, try 'Time.Is' from any internet connected device using your browser. I love this site and the next storey piece is an 'Insight>' about how it works.

So - you now have the 'actual' correct time - do all your internet connected devices show the exact same time? I'd wager not!

I use a tab in my browser, at times, to display the times of those I communicate with around the world. The following website, once configured to suit your needs - is invaluable. Head to the 'World Clock' section - that's the part to set up in order to display your personal set of world clocks...

Time and Date

Next you may need to calculate the time between any two dates. The following tool is great for that...

Time Calculator

Finally - yes, you probably have myriad timers you could use - but along with the correct time and your set of world clocks - add this Egg Timer tab to your browser for an ultra handy timer tool...


Now - having all these tabs set-up in your browser won't make you a Time Lord, but you'll sure be on top of your time :-)


Delightful product, thanks to this sites creator - very good addition to my tabs



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