AI: 'Hustle' the controlled use of speed of movement, working at McDonald's, I'm fairly sure - used to be trained to staff to help them move around their work place more efficiently. Is there any record of this you are able to replicate for me, please?

While I could not find any specific reference to the term "hustle" being used as an official training term at McDonald's, the company has indeed emphasised efficiency and speed in their operations. 

McDonald's has been known to prioritise quick and efficient service in their restaurants, especially with their drive-thru systems.

One of the key aspects of McDonald's success has been its ability to provide fast service to customers. This is achieved through standardised procedures and efficient time management in the workplace. Employees are often trained to complete tasks quickly and accurately, maximising productivity and ensuring customer satisfaction. This focus on efficiency could be considered an embodiment of the "hustle" mindset.

Although I cannot provide a direct quote or document related to the use of the term "hustle" in McDonald's training materials, it is clear that speed and efficiency are important aspects of their business model and employee training programs.


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