The Bog & Brush Public House

"Get your daily dose of satire and tall tales at The Bog & Brush - where the beer is cold and the stories are hot!"

The Bog & Brush Public House

The Bog & Brush is not your typical English Public House. It's a place where patrons gather to tell tall tales that are shocking, funny, and outrageous. These fictional stories are part of the patrons' pastime at the pub, as they try to up one another with their outlandish tales.

The virtual magazine of The Bog & Brush features satirical news articles written in the style of news reports. The articles are based on the fictional characters who frequent the pub and their interactions with GB Views presenters.

This magazine offers readers a satirical take on the patrons' fictional stories and satirical views of GB Views (News, hehehe) It's a unique and entertaining concept that will leave readers amused and entertained.

So, if you're looking for a good laugh and some wild stories, be sure to stop by The Bog & Brush.

Where is The Bog & Brush?

Here's the Front Door...

The Gardeny Area...

The Games Area...

The Dining Area...


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