The ETOH-Free Chronicles #4: Mental Health & Administrative Skills - A New Direction Through TGBY

The ETOH-Free Chronicles #4: Mental Health & Administrative Skills - A New Direction Through TGBY

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The ETOH-Free Chronicles #4: Mental Health & Administrative Skills - A New Direction Through TGBY

Scott's journey towards self-improvement takes a sudden twist when mental health challenges usher him out of the casino and into administrative roles. Guided by TGBY, he discovers that skills from his catering background transfer seamlessly into his new professional life.

Facing a mental breakdown post-casino life, Scott reinvents himself in a sector quite different from where he started—administration. Here, we explore how he drew upon his earlier catering education and experience, channeling them into administrative tasks that seemed daunting at first. Guided by The "Gently, Bentley!" Way (TGBY), he soon realizes that his skills in catering—especially bookkeeping and customer service—become the bedrock for his new career in administration.

After leaving the casino, Scott found himself at a mental and emotional crossroads. The excitement and constant stimulation of casino life had left him drained and vulnerable. This low point, however, served as the catalyst for a profound transformation.Guided by the subtle, yet impactful principles of TGBY, Scott began to explore other career options. He realized that the customer service skills he'd honed during his years in catering were not limited to the casino floor or the kitchen. These skills were universal, applicable in any setting that required organization, people management, and a touch of finesse.

His foray into administrative roles began cautiously. The intimidating jargon and seemingly complex tasks initially appeared insurmountable. But as he delved deeper, guided by TGBY, he discovered an unexpected symbiosis between his past and present. His knowledge of bookkeeping, a skill necessary for running any catering establishment, turned out to be the missing jigsaw piece in his new role as an administrator.

This new chapter in Scott's life reaffirmed the idea that life's challenges are not roadblocks but stepping stones. TGBY had once again gently guided him, illuminating the path from a past of specific, technical skills to a future of versatile, invaluable experience.

And so, Scott's journey of self-improvement and career reinvention continued, each step validated by the silent wisdom of TGBY. His administrative career, much like his life, had taken a direction he had never expected but one that he embraced with both arms open.

Scott, transforming from 'Catering' to 'Master Administrator' using 'The "Gently, Bentley!" Way'

'The "Gently, Bentley!" Way'

'My Clairvoyancess'

'The Bog & Brush Public House'


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